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Team News.

Team News

11 months ago @ 10:36AM

Google Classroom Digital Workouts - March/April

We are excited to connect with our students on our team's Google Classroom.  We will be using that space to post workout logs, running suggestions, and demonstrations of exercises and drills for our athletes. Each day we will interact with them on Google Classroom and provide feedback and encouragement on their logs, if they are completing them. 

Here are a few of our announcements...


Welcome to HMS spring track and field 2020!
Your coaches this season are Mrs. Cannaday, Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Barranger, Mrs. Baker (yes, there are two!), and Mr. Stewart. 

We are so excited to coach you remotely on google classroom until we can meet again!
In the next few days, you can expect to see:
>an assigned workout log (posted once for the upcoming month)
>suggested running workouts (posted weekly)
>videos and posts with fitness challenges and demonstrations of drills and techniques.

Reach out if you have any questions! The best place to put questions will be in the "private comment" section of your assigned workout log.


Link: Workout Log Template 

This is your individual workout log (you have been assigned your own copy of a document within this assignment). You will use this document to record your runs and any other fitness you accomplish.

We can't wait to see your fitness logs and talk about your workouts with you!

*We will post weekly suggestions for running workouts as well as fitness challenges and video demonstrations of drills and fitness. Use these as inspiration for your workouts...then log your hard work!
*Record any running or cross-training workouts in your assigned google document.
*Do not click "turn in" for your logs - we have access to them at all times. If you have any questions, want us to check something in your log, or want feedback on your workouts, use the private comments section of this assignment to reach out to us!


HI everyone! Here is a suggested running workout for the week of March 29th...

Choose one of the two running workouts each day that you can get out for a run. Make sure that you have parental permission to go out for a run and that you are practicing social distancing ALWAYS. These workouts are intended to be completed alone or with an immediate family member from your household - you are NOT *under any circumstances* to be running with other teammates.

Workout #1: "6-8 Sprint Repeats at 75% Speed"

1) Run with good, strong form at "75% speed" (not a full sprint!) for 2 minutes. Walk for 1 minute.
2) Repeat 6 times.**

**You can change the workout to increase the intensity by adding more repeats from 6->8, changing the 1 minute walk to a jog, and trying to push your pace faster as you are doing the repeats (ie the last repeat should be the fastest).
Workout #2: Run 10-15 minutes+.

Get out for a timed run.

**You can change this workout and challenge yourself by increasing your running time.

Each day, log these runs on your assigned workout log! It is motivating and exciting to see your progress in writing so keep track! We also encourage you to add notes into your log about other exercise such as drills, core work, and cross training. Stay tuned for instructional videos and fitness challenges to add to your running workouts!


3-4 times per week, you should be working to add these exercises into your routine each week this season. They work on your core and hip strength and mobility.

There are seven exercises:
1) Squats - 30 seconds.
2) Plank - 1 minute.
3) Single leg dead lifts - 30 seconds per leg.
4) Pushups - 30 seconds.
5) Bridge - 30 seconds
6) Tricep dips - 30 seconds.
7) Lateral leg raises - 30 seconds per leg.

Each routine of these seven exercises is called a set. Your goal is to do 2-3 sets on days that you are adding these to your workout.

Video Link: 7 Essential Exercises 

In the above video is Coach N. Baker (HMHS coach) and Coach M. Baker to show you a demonstration and tips. Mid-way through the video is a section called "Variations" and Mrs. Baker will show you variations that can make the exercises more difficult.


Core strength is so important for runners. It plays a vital role in stabilizing your entire body during running. A strong core helps you maintain good running form even when you become tired. In the previous post, you see a demonstration of seven essential exercises - the plank is one of them.

Starting on Monday, March 30th- Complete each daily plank for one minute. If you are just starting out, break up the one minute into 3 - 20 second intervals with a 10 second rest in between.

Team News

1 year ago @ 5:41PM

March Practice

March Practices

The practice schedule below will be adjusted and will have additional details added before the season begins.

March practices:

Haddonfield Public Schools is closed until 3/30.  All team meetings, practices, and meets are canceled through that date. We will provide an update here when we have more information about any readjustments to the schedule for the remainder of the season.  We do not have any new information at this time.

Team News

1 year ago @ 9:35PM

Uniform/Gear Sale 2/20-3/5

This year we will be offering our team uniforms for purchase through an online store!  

By popular demand, the store will also be offering long sleeve tops and personalized bags!

The store will be open from February 20th - March 5th ONLY.

The HMS coaches will distribute orders when they arrive in March (anticipated arrival date is March 25th). All orders arrive from the company to the middle school pre-packaged for the student and will be passed out by the coaches.

Click HERE for the handout link.

You may also head directly to the store @ and use code: hmstrack

The online store will offer:

*HMS Team Uniform: short sleeve top (adult and youth sizing)

*Optional: long sleeve top (adult and youth sizing), long sleeve half zip (adult, women, and youth sizing), and team sweatshirt (with personalization included at check out)

A team meeting will be held on Thursday 2/20 immediately after school in the gym to pass out flyers and more information about uniforms. The online store offers convenient ordering and distribution of orders as well as more availability of sizing for our team members.  Until shirt orders arrive, team members will be asked to wear a black t-shirt or Haddonfield gear as a competition top.

Team News

1 year ago @ 10:23PM

2020 Team Information

Interest Meeting Date- Thursday February 20th @ 2:50 in the Middle School Gym **This is an interest meeting to hear team details from the coaches.  Follow the links and directions below to ensure proper sign-up.

Program Philosophy: The middle school track level program includes: sprints, distance events, long jump, high jump, shot put, and discus. The program exposes the athletes to the various events and training principles. The team members will be guided to find events that match their interests and potential. They will be challenged to steadily progress in their training and improve in their performances. The students should find their experience successful and fun!  With a team of close to 200 athletes, we will be utilizing grade/event specific practices to best meet the needs of our athletes.


>The weekly schedule and announcements will be posted under "team new" tab on this website.  We will try to post as must in advance as possible, but please re-check weekly for any changes.  

>The schedule will be regularly announced on the morning announcements in homeroom.

>Follow us on twitter for updates: @HMSTrackXC

>Sign up for Remind text message alerts (directions below)

Remind Account Sign Up:  We will be using remind text messaging by grade level (because one team sign up caused us to go over the allotted number of accounts for one user!)

  • 6th Graders/Families: Sign up for text message updates to be texted directly to you from the coaches by texting the number 81010 with the message @hms6track or go to for updates.  
  • 7th Graders/Families: Sign up for text message updates to be texted directly to you from the coaches by texting the number 81010 with the message @hms7track or go to for updates.  
  • 8th Graders/Families: Sign up for text message updates to be texted directly to you from the coaches by texting the number 81010 with the message @hms8track or go to for updates.  

Sign up can also be done via email. If you have any questions email and 

Registration:  Complete the following google form: (Note: Impact Concussion Testing is NOT required for middle schoolers.)

Permission and Medical Packet is due to the nurse's office before practicing with the team.  Newcomers are always welcome to join the team anytime during the season, but understand that they will be a wait time as the paperwork processes through both the school nurse's office and the school doctor.

Here is a link to all health forms:

Practice Schedule: Season practices will include a combination of practices at the middle school (3:00-3:45) or high school (3:30-4:30).  Please check back on this site for practice and meet schedules and follow us on twitter, where the schedule will be posted each week. The schedule will be posted weekly on the website as well as posted on twitter. Students should wear supportive running shoes to prevent injuries.  Bring extra sweats to keep warm in the early part of the season. Bring a labeled or identifiable water bottle. If you are riding your bike to track practice or meets at the high school, lock up bicycles and leave valuables at home.

Meet Information: The team will compete in Colonial Conference dual meets as well as additional championship meets. The season meets are listed on the "schedule" tab. All team members are invited to participate in our three home meets.  Team members will qualify to participate in away meets and championship meets.

Team T-Shirts: The online store will be available for a limited window during March.  More information is posted in the "Team Uniform/Gear" post.  

Practice/Meet Cancelations: Cancelations or changes to the schedule (such as cancelation due to rain) will be announced to the students before the end of the school day and posted on the team website. They will also be tweeted out on our Twitter account: @HMSTrackXC  and sent in a Remind alert (information on signing up for Remind text messages, above).
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